Sheffield Yoga Centre is available to hire! We love opening our doors to local groups and organisations, read on to find out about the luminous and enveloping studios that you can hire:

The Front Hall is our most spacious yoga studio, and its high ceilings and wood-panelled floor give it a light and airy feeling. When flooded with sunlight our Front Hall transforms into a tranquil oasis, making it the perfect venue for holistic activities such as Indian Head Massage and Meditation.

Although smaller in appearance than our Front Hall, our Back Hall is also large, bright and airy. Situated at the rear of the Centre our Back Hall features a comfortable matted floor, which makes it an ideal venue for movement-based activities.

If you’re looking for a way to spice up boring corporate meetings or team get-togethers, hiring our lovely yoga-themed Sitting Room could be the answer! Decorated with stunning, traditional Indian Saris, blankets and other trinkets, our Sitting Room is warm and comfortable and will encourage open discussion in a peaceful environment.

A group that recently rented our back hall for a mindfulness/meditation course told us that the “course is going well and building works very well.  Space at the back is perfect!”.

To view the Centre or to discuss your hiring requirements, get in touch with the Yoga Centre Office

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