Personalised Therapeutic Yoga

These classes are designed for people who cannot manage a general yoga class. Yoga programmes are tailored to individual needs , such as knee, shoulder, neck and hip problems, degenerative illnesses such as cancer and M.S., women’s problems such as endometriosis, fibroids, irregular menstruation as well as a range of other conditions. The class gives the opportunity, under guidance from a team of teachers, to work more intensively with individual issues, using the specialist equipment at the Centre.

Frances Homewood, Director of the Centre and teacher in this class has over 25 years experience of teaching yoga and has a particular interest in yoga therapy. She has completed all the modules of the Stephanie Quirk training and has assisted in Medical classes at the Iyengar Institute in Pune. This class was set up 7 years ago and has been accessed by many students for whom it provides yoga in a supportive and appropriate environment.

Suitable for: Those with serious injuries, medical conditions and those in recovery or remission

Cost: £100 for 10 weeks

Entry is based on application only and requires an initial consultation

Current Therapeutic Class Dates:

Class Feedback:

“When I decided not to pursue a surgical option to repair my damaged knee cartilage I looked for alternative ways to get back to normal. I was already familiar with the benefits of yoga so I decided to join the Therapeutic Yoga class at the Sheffield Yoga Centre.

“At the end of two sets of 10 week classes I have made a huge amount of progress. The class is tailored to individual needs with supervision for each member of the class by a qualified yoga teacher following a specific programme depending on the injury.

“I would like to thank Frances and all of the teachers who have helped me to recover my mobility for their patience, their attention and their commitment .”

– Lesley Walker, April 2017

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