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Specialist Classes

  • Pranayama & Philosophy: Monthly Class

    Sheffield Yoga Centre Director Frances Homewood will be teaching this monthly class which will be a chance to go deeper into pranayama.
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  • Restorative Fridays: Monthly Class

    Do you feel wound up or worn out by the end of the week? Restore your energy ready for the weekend at this brand new monthly class with Helen Clay.
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  • Active Class – All Levels

    If you run, cycle, climb, hike or play sports this class will help keep you in good form so as to improve your activity and help prevent injury.
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  • Women Intermediate Classes

    A women-only General Iyengar Yoga Class.
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  • Slower Paced Beginners Levels 1 and 2

    A beginners level class set at a slower paced for older people.
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  • Therapeutic Yoga

    Personalised Yoga programmes to help recovery from serious injuries and medical conditions.
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  • Relax and Restore

    A gentle, recuperative and restful yoga class
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