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Teacher Training

Introductory Level Teacher Training:

Please note the next Teacher Training Course will begin in 2019. The training will be very similar to our current course which started in 2016 and is outlined below.

The training will be with Frances Homewood and takes place at Sheffield Yoga Centre.

It will start with a 3 month Foundation Course, to give candidates a “taste” of the training, the style of learning involved and the standards required. This is open to those with 2 year’s continuous attendance at Iyengar yoga classes. The full course will follow from June 2016 and consists of 140 hours of training and is open only to those with 3 year’s class attendance and a recommendation from their teacher. Training sessions will usually be held once a month on a Saturday.

The training is rigorous and requires commitment but the rewards are great.  An assessment and Information session for all candidates will be held on Saturday  6th February  2016  2-5pm.

Foundation Course
There will be a Foundation course run from March to May 2016, one day per month. Students with at least 2 year’s experience in Iyengar yoga may apply for this course, which is designed to deepen their understanding and study of asana, pranayama and introduce some concepts of yoga philosophy. It will give a taste of the structure of the Teacher Training course which follows from June 2016. Dates will be:
Saturdays, 10am – 4pm    12 March 2016
   9 April 2016
   7 May 2016.

Only candidates with 3 year’s consecutive and recent attendance at Iyengar classes with an accredited teacher will be eligible to continue onto the full Introductory Training Course in June 2016. A letter of recommendation from their regular teacher will also be required. It is not essential to complete the Foundation course before embarking on the full training but will be highly recommended. Sessions attended on the Foundation Course will count towards the final 140 hours of training.

Teacher Training Course dates:
Saturdays, 10am – 4pm   

18th June
16th July
3rd September
8th October
12th November
10th December

Further dates to be scheduled in 2017.

For further details of national guidelines for training and assessments see the IYA (UK) website.

Applicants for the Sheffield training with Frances Homewood should email info@sheffieldyogacentre.co.uk and further information on course fees can be supplied.

Further Details:

Teaching Iyengar yoga is hugely rewarding, but it also requires commitment and dedication. When you begin as a Trainee Iyengar Yoga Teacher you will need to have attended classes regularly for three consecutive years. You should be in good health and have an established home practice.

Teacher Training at Sheffield Yoga Centre combines practical training sessions with theoretical study. First and foremost, you will need to work on your own body and mind to understand the asanas and ways to effectively teach them. Observation and correction skills are developed and refined by assisting more senior teachers, in an apprentice style, in real classroom situations. Group work and peer feedback is an important part of the training process. You will be encouraged to meet regularly with other trainees to share your learning experiences.

Trainee Iyengar Yoga Teachers also need to understand the context of traditional yoga sutras, so you will be asked to read widely from the Iyengar and Patanjali texts. You will be asked to complete written assignments on these texts as part of your training.

Frances Homewood is an IYA qualified and approved Teacher Trainer and Assessor and has attended classes in Pune 8 times in the last 20 years as well as assisting in medical classes there. Training with Frances is always a challenging and rewarding experience for those who undertake it. Her approach consistently produces excellent results.

Comments from our previous group of Trainee Teachers:

Training as an Iyengar Yoga Teacher is hard work, fun, frustrating at times, but very, very worthwhile. I have gained so much personally from my training, and absolutely love teaching yoga! – Caroline Anschütz

During my training I have not only improved my own yoga practice, but have experienced a transformation in terms of how and why I practice yoga. In no small part this has been a result of Frances’s wonderful, and extremely thorough, teaching, coupled with the insight and generous sharing of my fellow trainees – Stuart Bolton

I started to think about teacher training hoping that it would improve my yoga, which it certainly has! Doing the course has made me introduce a regular home practice, and I am looking forward to passing on and sharing what I have learnt over the last two and a half years. – Lorraine Bonete

Yoga teacher training for me has been a liberating, spiritual journey, embracing changes within. I now feel physically, mentally and spiritually strong, and happy to be on this wonderful path. – Anita Turner

I started the teacher training because I wanted to improve my yoga and also personal practice. The course itself was always challenging but made enjoyable by Frances; she always prepared us well for both the written assignments and teaching assessments. – Liz Whelan

All 6 of us trainee teachers passed our 2011 assessments with flying colours.  This is a tribute to Frances Homewood who taught me to hone my observational and communication skills. She laid out all the aspects of the art of good teaching for me, it was an incredible gift and invaluable learning opportunity for which I will ever remain grateful. – Sharada Rao