Standing on the dustbins to peer in through the high windows of 270 Burgoyne Road did not seem a very auspicious start. However, as soon as I saw into the spacious sunlit hall I knew it was the perfect place for our Iyengar Yoga Centre. Even more, we discovered another hall, kitchen and potential office space hidden away so it had everything I had dreamed of.

Ten years on and we now have around 300 people a week signed up for classes. A wonderful team of teachers provides the programme that we offer; from New Starter courses, Beginners and General classes to the more specialist Restorative, Therapy and Gentle classes for older people.

I can only say how much this has been a team effort all the way. From my husband Mike’s generosity in re mortgaging our house and repairing all the windows, through to the students and family members who gave their time and sometimes money to buy what we needed. When people frequently comment that there is a lovely community atmosphere in the Centre, it reflects this truth.

The 12 weeks we had in the summer of 2005 to get the place ready for opening went by in a flash. People queued to get into the first classes. As more teachers qualified we were able to build up to the 21 classes a week we now offer. The cooperation and support in the teaching team means we can always cover for each other when needed. As time went on, we were able to recruit admin support and now Catherine, our Office Manager, is our rock. Our excellent website was designed at “mate’s rates” by a talented designer friend, as was our lovely logo.

What do I feel most at this point? A great joy in what we have achieved mixed with a huge sense of gratefulness. Primarily I am grateful to have been alive when this great soul BKS Iyengar walked the earth. Because he brought Yoga to the West we have an amazing practice made accessible to us all. I cannot imagine my life without his teachings. And now I know that, through our Centre, so many more people feel the same way.



New Starter Class


We are running another of our popular New Starter courses, starting on Wednesday 10th June, 6.30-7.30pm for 6 weeks. Open to anyone who is new to yoga, we invite you to come along and see for yourself how this exercise can help you to improve flexibility, co-ordination and strength.  Click here for more information.

The Centre is closed for bank holiday week 25- 30th May. Classes resume on Monday 1 June.

It’s time to re-book your class, or to re-join if you’ve been missing yoga. Many of are classes have booked up already (we are reassuringly popular!). However, if you still want to join us we have space in the Beginners Thursday evening 6pm class. If you are new to yoga and want to know where to start, we have a Friday New Starter Course at 6.30-7.30pm. There’s also space in all the General classes.

Please note, we are closed on Monday Bank Holiday, 4th May.


New Pranayama Course

From 21st September we will be running a new Pranayama course, taught by Dominic Batten. The course of 6 classes will be open to teachers and experienced students with experience of Ujjayi and Viloma breathing who want to further their practice of pranayama.

For full details of the new class please visit the Pranayama Course page