I’m new to yoga, where do I start?

Whether you are new to Iyengar Yoga or just yoga in general, the best place to start is to join one of our 5-week introductory-level courses. Details of current courses can be found on our New Starter Classes page.

What should I wear to yoga classes?

You don’t need to wear any special yoga clothes, just clothes that are comfortable and allow you to move your arms and legs freely. Your teacher will need to be able to see your feet and knees to check your alignment during the class, and many of our members find leggings, shorts and t-shirts to be the most appropriate things to wear.

What equipment do I need?

You don’t need to bring any equipment with you to classes; we will provide everything that you need for your yoga class including mats, belts and blocks. If you prefer to use your own mat you are welcome to bring it with you, and we also have a number of items of equipment for sale at the Centre Shop for you to use at home or in class.

How do I register for classes?

Our registration process is very simple, you just need to complete the appropriate registration form and return it to us either in person, by post or via email. You can also pick up registration forms from us during the Centre opening hours.

Do I need to book classes in advance?

To prevent over-crowding in our classes we do recommend that all students book their preferred class in advance, and we offer discounts on classes that are booked in 5 and 10 week blocks (please see our Prices page for further information). We do understand, though, that it’s not always possible to book classes in advance, so all of our classes can be attended on a drop-in basis.

I’m pregnant, can I still attend classes?

If you have been coming to classes with us for a while you can still attend your regular class throughout your pregnancy, just make sure your teacher is aware so that they can adapt the poses for you. If you are a new student, or are thinking of joining a class, you will only be able to attend classes taught by either Frances Homewood or Joan Abrams. Please contact us to discuss this further

I have an injury or other health problem, will Iyengar Yoga help me?

Iyengar Yoga is well known to be one of the most beneficial forms of yoga, and many of our members find that regular practice helps to alleviate their aches and pains. For more serious medical conditions, or if you are interested in receiving one-to-one Yoga Therapy you may be interested in attending our Therapeutic Class, or our Restorative Class for recuperative and supported yoga practice.