Relax and Restore

This class is about total relaxation!

Open to everyone and particularly suitable for those times when life feels too stressful, if your energy is low, after illness or if you have a condition such as ME. It is a unique opportunity to experience the healing restorative aspects of yoga.

You will be guided by experienced teachers through sequences of comfortable restful poses with gentle attention on the breath. This will renew and balance your energy.

Iyengar yoga uses supports such as blankets and bolsters so that poses can be done with no effort.  Supported backbends, twists, gentle forward bends and some inverted poses have a soothing yet powerful effect on the body and the mind.

Research shows the many health benefits of yoga
* improved sleep,
* release of tension,
* improving heart function, respiration,
* release of toxins, regulating blood pressure
* improving the immune system

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to commit to a number of sessions?
You can come for as many or as few classes as you wish –come weekly or monthly, take a short course of classes to suit your needs or just drop-in as and when you can.

What if my mobility / flexibility is not very good?
Yoga is for all. You do not have to be flexible. If you have limited mobility our teachers can help you.

Will I be able to practice what I learn at home?
Yes! Putting into practice what you learn in class is the very best way forward and will help you get the most benefits from your yoga. Home practice sheets, with simple instructions, will be available to help you practice what you learn at home.

Suitable for: All levels and ages, particularly beneficial to those with an illness or injury

Cost: £40.00 (5 weeks).  £9 drop-in

Current Restorative Class Dates:  Now Booking!

Tuesday 1.30 – 2.45pm with Joan/Helen

10 Oct – 12 Nov

Pay online or find out about our other accepted payment methods to book a place on an upcoming course

Term dates for 2017-18:

14 September – 7 October (5 weeks) 2017
29 October – 11 November (5 weeks) 2017
313 November – 16 December (5 weeks) 2017
48 January – 10 February (5 weeks) 2018
512 February – 17 March (5 weeks) 2018
619 March – 28 April (5 weeks) 2018
730 April – 9 June (5 weeks) 2018
811 June – 21 July (6 weeks) 2018